If you are not a stranger to Cosmopolitan magazine, or any other women’s magazines, you’ve probably seen plenty of personality tests. How accurate are they?

Well, just about as accurate as horoscopes you’d read at the back of those magazines. They are there purely for entertainment purposes and don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to accuracy.

However, those personality tests are not to be confused with personality profiling tools, which can be precise and accurate when it comes to systematising personality types. They are successfully applied in commerce and HR, and have been academically studied and researched.

The biggest problem with most profiling tools used these days is their level of complexity. Since most of these tools are used in the corporate and work environments, they are focusing on areas that are paramount for those settings, like ability to cope with stress, to work as part of a team, being able to work on your own initiative, etc. Not only do these qualities have little to do with your dating dilemmas, but most of the results that these tools provide don’t exactly tell you what to do with all that information afterwards.

When PersonaCue was developed at the start, we paid a huge deal of attention to actually filling that gap with practical down-to-information on what you can do to significantly improve on the areas that might have needed attention. Similarly, when we were adapting PersonaCue for the dating scene, we wanted to make sure that we not only tell you the peculiarities of your personality, but also coach you on how to become the best version of yourself.

This is why we believe in what we do so much! We don’t see the point in just describing your personality. We want to give you the tools and skills that will help you to take that knowledge to a completely new level!

Let us use this example. Imagine if you got lost in a new city. You don’t have a map with you to consult and there is no satnav to give you directions. You have two options – you can keep wandering the streets, hoping that you’ll eventually stumble upon the right place or you can ask for directions. The latter option makes more sense, doesn’t it?

Well, you can ask a tourist like yourself for help (which is pretty much equivalent to asking your friends and family for dating advice – they don’t know for sure; they only judge from the point of their own experiences), or you can find a local who is heading in that direction anyway so will have no trouble walking you there via a shortcut.

We like to think of ourselves as that friendly local who can show you the quickest route to your destination!

Having the right directions can save you hours on the journey, right? Well, in real-life, having some direction can save you years of trouble and heartache! Having even the slightest idea of which direction to move in is infinitely better than remaining lost. Yes, of course, humans are complex beings and we are all wonderfully unique. We are likely to react differently in different situations, but like a cat, will always fall on its feet. We are also likely to gravitate back to the same behavioural patterns under most situations.

PersonaCue helps you to identify which of those patterns get in the way of finding your happiness, and gives you simple, yet effective, suggestions on what you need to do to see different results.


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