If you’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to dating and relationships, it will come as no surprise that most relationships don’t stay in honeymoon periods forever.

We could tell you of the probable stages in the life of an ‘average’ relationship, but we suspect you don’t want what is ‘average’. With PersonaCue, we tell you how to build something different, something special, something unique.

How important is understanding personality to the health of your relationship?

In our opinion, it is absolutely essential! Ignore it and you may find yourself asking ‘where did it all go wrong?’ Embrace it and you may one day look back and marvel at the disasters that you averted by making the smallest of adjustments.

It is often clichéd, especially about women, that they marry or go into relationships and then they try and change their man. How does this happen and why can’t you just end up with a man that doesn’t need changing?

We’d argue strongly that you can get so much closer to the real thing if only you had the right tools to make the right decisions.

In our experience of working with hundreds of couples and individuals, the problems for relationships begin right there at the first date, when you make the decision to see someone again.

You see, if you decide to see someone who is not ideally suited for you a second or a third time, you may already have excluded the real Mr Right because you kept tampering with a Mr Right-Now.

The answer lies firstly in knowing yourself, your strengths, and your quirks, and knowing what you love and what will rub you the wrong way. Secondly, if you can have even elementary knowledge of the types of men you might meet, you are already infinitely better positioned to know what they might need, what they might find frustrating, and how they might turn out in the long term.

Are you curious if such a tool can really tell you more about your typical dating style than your own mother can?

Why not take us up on our free offer and take the quick test via the link below? We will then continue this conversation by sending you a personalised report about your own dating style and how men typically perceive you. It will take you as little as 3 minutes to complete, but it could transform the next 3 decades of your life… It’s free… Do it now! Click the link below and we’ll see you on the other side!

Your Success in Dating is In Your Hands!

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