Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity!” Yet so many women tend to date new guys that are so similar to the guys they’ve dated before. We even consciously refer to that by saying that we have a ‘type’!

If you analyse things carefully, you will find that you might even be applying the same old strategies when dating new guys. But you do know that if you fish with the same kind of bait, you are going to catch the same kind of fish, right?

The problem is you can’t really make different decisions or apply any different strategy if you don’t know what went wrong on the previous occasions in the first place.

What if we were to offer you an easy-to-read relationship compass to help you stop walking around in circles? What if we said we can point you at the right kind of guys for you specifically, and that we could teach you to effortlessly spot them amongst a whole line-up of men who say they’d like to meet you? We can do that!

The quirks about your personality that some men may have found boring or irritating will seem cute to others! The challenge then is less of ‘how do I change myself’ and more of ‘how do I find the guy who will appreciate me for who I am’.

Many dating sites purport to have tools to match up the right person with the right person, but then if you’ve ever done online dating, you probably were puzzled one too many times by the suggested matches. No dating site will actually tell you what basis they are matching you on with others. So the best you can do is put your fate in their hands and hope their matchmaking abilities don’t disappoint.

However, we believe if you want things to be done right, do them yourself! So rather than relying on dating websites or your friends/family to hook you up with who THEY think is your perfect match, why not take the matter into your capable hands?

Regardless of how much you might want to forget some of the past relationships, the clues to your future happiness lie in them. There are things you would have discovered about yourself and about your partners that ultimately can help you to boil down all the aspects of your ‘perfect’ relationship formula. You might discover that there are values you have that you are not prepared to compromise on, and they can be a deal breaker for some men, or you might have come across traits in some men that didn’t sit right with you. All those red ‘flags’ in both your own personality and set of values, and those of your past partners, have the answers to what it is that you actually need to make you ultimately happy with someone.

And the best news is that you can actually figure those things out on your own, with just a helping hand from someone who knows what it is you should be looking for.

So if you haven’t filled in our free questionnaire yet, we highly recommend you do it. If you have, make sure you read the report carefully as that piece alone can point you in the right direction straight away. Also, keep an eye on our emails as we have much more useful content coming your way that can literally transform your dating life and your life in general!

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