Guy with a Red Persona

Does this man have the potential of being your Mr Right?  We are about to spoil you with no less than 14 different aspects of this mans personality, most of it related to how he dates or will be in a relationship, and then a few more bits to give you the full context.

Click open the heading tabs to reveal the descriptions. We’ve placed them in envelopes so that you can easily get to the bits you’d be most interested in. As you took the initiative to invite this Red to fill in the questionnaire, we are giving you a much more detailed view than he will receive. Let’s keep that our little secret shall we!

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Fiery Reds are the most testosterone-fuelled type of all personas. Reds are highly competitive, quite domineering, opinionated, and strive for perfection, which makes them high achievers, and more often than not, takes them to the top of the pack.

Overview of a Red personality

Reds love debating, sometimes just for the sake of it, and bring competition into everything they do, from work to sport to dating… They like the thrill of winning an argument, so when someone is tempted to debate with them, it is unlikely you will walk away the winner.

You will quite easily recognize the Red for their confrontational manner of communication, strong views and opinions on everything and anything, as well as lack of praise or compliments. They can quite easily lose their temper, but at the same time, their charm, wittiness and confidence is very attractive.

On a date, they are likely be quite attentive, polite, and the date is very likely be planned well in advance. Reds are likely to be a very caring partners, but tend to demonstrate this in a practical manner.

Reds are not afraid to buy expensive gifts and will do so if the relationship is inclined that way. But don’t confuse these gestures with romance. They are more likely to be of a pragmatic nature.

Reds tend to take a while to let go, relax and unwind. And even then, it is more than likely that they are really still contemplating their next exploit in their head, so don’t take it personally if you find yourself in their company just to realize that while they might be with you physically, their mind is elsewhere.

Reds might be very outspoken and outgoing, but they are not the type to wear their heart on their sleeve, so don’t expect them to be able to share their emotions easily. Because of their tendency to be emotionally ‘constipated’, they don’t react well to someone else’s generous display of emotions. In other words, don’t be revealing any emotionally sensitive details of your life or proclaim your love for them too early.

Reds will always appear immaculately dressed, whether the occasion is work or casual, or even in sport apparel. They may be lean in their build as they burn so much energy with their fast-pace lifestyle.

Needless to say, with all their drive and ambition, these confident and outspoken guys, more often than not, excel in pretty much every area of their life and are perceived as quite a catch.

What Reds appreciates in a partner

As we mentioned above, a guy with a Red persona is likely to be accomplished in sport, in their careers or in business. They know just as clearly what they want in a woman too.

They respect women who can stand up to them but also can put up with their pushy nature. Reds are unlikely to be attracted to soft, gentle yes-sayers, and will be looking for a woman who can keep them amused and on their toes.


In general, Reds are more likely to be drawn to someone who is similar to them in energy levels and overall outlook on life, so qualities like ambition, drive, strong values and principles, passion for something, desire to do achieve your goals, will provoke a great deal of interest from a Red.

A Reds approach to romance

Reds’ vision of romance may be quite pragmatic, yet very thoughtful. They can surprise you with romantic gestures and their gifts will be spot on as they are very observant.

Reds are not prone to displays of public affection and can come across as distant and cold when faced with display of emotions in public, but they will have no problem showering you with affection and attention in private. On a more sour note, they will happily do that only when it suits them.

How Reds make decisions

A Red persona seeks clarity in all aspects of life. They are pragmatic and tend to sum things up quickly. Their ability to make thorough decisions is second to none.

You will hardly be the one who gets to determine if any dating will take place when it comes to Reds, as they will have assessed you already! On the other hand, if you are being pursued by a Red persona, they will not easily take no for an answer. Early on in a relationship quest, they can be quick to terminate things if the relationship is not working, and just move on from it. In later years, if they are in a dysfunctional relationship, they may just maintain the status quo and keep up pretences rather than go through the rigours or expense of a divorce. However, rest assured that they would fight for keeping a long-term relationship that they believe is alive.

How Reds are with time

Red personas tend to think of time as their most valuable resource and mentally compartmentalise time into small chunks. They operate as very efficient machines. They burn the candle at both ends and tend to be quite indignant with time wasters. We’d emphasize here that they view time as ‘their resource’, which means you may rate lower down the order of priorities than ‘their time’. Once you are in a relationship with a Red, you may often have to wait while their vocations, or sometimes their love for sport, take center stage, even while you are out together on a date or on holiday. Of course, their otherwise exciting style can balance this tendency, and you may be quite happy with this compromise arrangement. You’d cope with this easily if your own style also requires this kind of time alone for your own world.

How Reds relate to money

A Red persona will relate to money in the same way as they relate to time. They view money as a resource, an ends to a means for obtaining the things they really want. They may accumulate extra properties or investments. As they are pragmatic but calculated risk takers, there may be times where their coffers are near empty. To them, this is acceptable as they trust in what they do. Occasionally, Red men can over indulge by obtaining multiple luxury items like sports cars, motorcycles, guitars, etc. This doesn’t necessarily translate into them spending that kind of money on you though. Their spending in dating is generous, but still calculated.

Irritating habits of Reds

To be clear, items listed here may be irritating to some people and quite OK for others, depending who they are.

A Red persona can be direct and forthright to the point of being rude or abrupt. They may overlook any signs of emotion or clues that someone has been offended. As the most emotionally sterile personas on the chart, they pride themselves on being exceptionally pragmatic decision-makers, and believe it, they are!

To be like this, they have some unnerving habits: they may keep you waiting without explaining why, they can be sceptical and dismissive, and they may resort to a bit of verbal bullying. They are also exceptionally good at debating and may inadvertently engage you and draw you into this ‘sport’ of theirs to display their superiority. Or they may do this in a group to your embarrassment.

The answer to all of this is to get your ducks in a row if you want to benefit from a Red’s amazing decision-making abilities. All told, they can seem to not display any emotions and they may even have to be reminded that the showing of affection is normal in a relationship, especially in public. At the beginning of dating, this may not be that apparent because they can conceal this tendency with their exceptional charm.

What Reds find irritating

A Red persona will find people who take 10 minutes to say what could have taken a minute tedious. They will get irate with people who are vague, ambiguous and non-committal. So the best way to get on with a Red is to have a clear idea of the matter of things before you ask something of them as they will fire off a series of questions at you. They will take a dim view if you can’t be clear with them. If you are prone to using the silent treatment, really, don’t bother – it will have zero effect on this man.

Also, because the Reds are quite hesitant with a display of emotions, you might unsettle them and quite simply get on their nerves with showing too much affection (especially in public) or having a need to talk about your feelings.

How Reds deal with emotions

As we mentioned above, if you are dating a Red, don’t expect him to be affectionate or able to discuss his feelings, as this is not something he finds easy to do until he is very comfortable with you.

On the plus side, while they might not be eager to show their love and affection too soon, they also won’t shower you with side effects of their stress or bad mood. Reds are very resistant to stress and deal with pressure very well. They do sometimes totally lose their rag in an outright rage. They constantly fear that this may happen, hence their stealthy grip on their emotions and why they keep themselves contained at all costs.

How Reds deal with confrontation

A Red persona is quite comfortable with confronting people who they see as obstructive. With their quick-witted intellect, they can throw you just enough rope to hang yourself with.  And before you can find an apt retort, you’d be running for cover from their next clever volley. They prefer to resolve conflicts in a constructive and swift manner, without letting the emotions to get in the way. For you to be using or showing emotion in a confrontation with a Red will only strengthen their stance.

Note that they don’t necessarily aim to be mean, they simply believe that they are right, and quite often they are. Best to clearly state what you think the problem is and ask them for the solution. Most often, their solutions will be fair and right. You may not like it but going with their way will most likely not harm you.

An interesting fact about Reds

Because Reds are so structured, systemized and disciplined, it is not unusual for them to possess very specific and often uncommon skills. For example, you might randomly discover that your Red can write music, or fly a small aircraft, or be a good drummer!

How Reds talk

When speaking, Reds are likely to use an abundance of metaphors. They evaluate everything around them and encapsulate that information into metaphors. Due to the fact that their thinking is highly visual, they abbreviate their thoughts into concise chunks of data, and a metaphor is an ideal way of expressing themselves. Their conversation tends to be very quick and witty, and they love having intelligent discussions on a wide range of topics.

Win or lose, there is always something to be gained out of a verbal skirmish for a Red, even if it is just to hone their debate skills.

How Reds are with friends

Even though a Red may have friends that they share some interests with, many of them will quietly believe that they don’t have much need of friends. Red personas can be charming, friendly, personable and thoughtful. However, they are also fiercely independent and autonomous. They trust their own internal ability to make decisions and they have no particular need to look to other people.

Red personas mix with people who share a practical purpose with them, who like stimulating conversation and have the same passion and drive as they have. They mix with people in sporting contexts too.

If Reds were lucky to build friendships that stem back from years ago, they are likely to be very loyal to them and will value those relationships highly.

Typical careers for Reds

CEOs of companies, directors, sports coaches, consultants, lawyers, senior management, HR directors, financial management, legal sector, corporate sector, armed forces. (It is important to mention that you will rarely find Reds working in junior positions, unless they are very young and are only at the start of their career. Their drive and ambition typically takes them to the top of the career ladder, regardless of what industry they are in.)

Note: This is not to label anyone and neither is it an exhaustive list. It is presented to give you a flavour of how Reds can apply themselves. This also does not mean a person from another persona can’t be in the careers mentioned.

Generally speaking Reds are of the most testosterone-fuelled of all personas and will have a high sex drive. As with all things that they do, they like to know that they are good in the bedroom, too. As relationships age, their demanding careers can dampen this drive, so be aware that you’d need to keep this flame alive!


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