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We are not your average corporate company. We do what we do because we get a kick out of helping people to figure out other people. We are not saying we have everything figured out, but we surely know how to make things less complicated!
PersonaCue wasn’t always a dating and relationship tool. Before we branched out into the fascinating world of romantic relationships, we were creating quite a stir in the corporate world! Executive PersonaCue has been successfully transforming personal and professional relationships in the workplace for the last 7 years, and we are boldly aiming for the same success in the dating world.
Originally created by Llewellyn Dalton, an NLP coach and expert in personality profiling, PersonaCue blended the traditional personality profiling concept with Neuro Linguistic Programming, which really is another way of identifying how people are likely to behave, depending on the words they use and on where they look while they are talking.
Llewellyn spent over a decade honing and perfecting the method, studying body language, social psychology, to make sure that PersonaCue is quick to fill in yet uncannily accurate and extremely accurate. He then used his vast network of Executive and Business Coaches to put his creation through rigorous testing.
(By the way don’t ever ask Llewellyn about these tests unless you are prepared to have your ears waffled off for an hour!)
But this is how we are proudly claiming such a high accuracy rate! Since then, PersonaCue has been successfully transforming dysfunctional teams and turning work frenemies, if not into best buddies, then into perfectly tolerable colleagues.
But you probably would have never heard about PersonaCue unless you were an executive director or HR manager, and certainly not in the dating context.


Well, the day we got a woman to join our testosterone-fuelled team and gave her the freedom to move the furniture around!
Natalie Silke joined the company as a creative director, and PersonaCue went on a rollercoaster of a makeover! A successful entrepreneur, Natalie quickly spotted vast opportunities and applications that PersonaCue offers and applied them to a completely new market.
Natalie spent over a decade working with female clients so felt right at home! Us boys, on the other hand, felt like fish out of water, but before we knew it, we had a team of relationship experts, counsellors, and dating coaches steering this ship in a completely new direction!
Fast forward to today and instead of getting bored senseless in the boardrooms, we are on a very ambitious mission to help women find their very own Prince Charming!

Watch The Video Below To See How It All Came Together!

With Over a Decade of Research, Over 7 years Of Successful Operation in The Corporate Environment, Over 500 Interviews and Tests With Private Coaching Clients, We Can Now Proudly Say We Have A Personality Profiling Method Like No Other!

We have since helped hundreds of women to dramatically transform their dating lives and the quality of their relationships!

If you want to take the guesswork out of dating and learn more about yourself and who’d be your most compatible partner, you are in the right place!

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