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We can bet there isn’t a woman out there who doesn’t have a story about a date that has gone wrong. Even if you are one of the lucky ones, you have still probably encountered one or two with painfully awkward silences or having so little in common with the guy that it feels like having a coffee with an alien.

Those dates are pretty cringe worthy, but easy enough to move on from. But what if you end up on a date with the guy who has Mr Right written on his forehead and you are desperately trying to get him interested? What will he think of you? What should you do, or most importantly, what should you not do??

Did You Know That You Don't Have to Kiss 10 Frogs to Find Your Prince Charming?

There are probably a dozen questions that will be running through your mind, but dating doesn’t have to be a game of trial and error, and we can tell you exactly where YOU stand when it comes to finding the perfect man.

How? Well, we are the experts in personality profiling and the resources we have can tell you just about everything you need to know to find your perfect man. (Just a little disclaimer here – you do know that perfect men don’t exist, right? All men will have a quirk or a habit that will drive you bonkers, but who cares about that if he makes you feel like one in a million?! So we want you to know we don’t specialise in ‘perfect’ men, but we’ll help you to find the one that makes you feel like you are a match made in heaven!)


Variables Inside The Scoring Algorithm

Trait Measurements



Just by answering our questionnaire, we can tell you more than you’d expect about your personality and how men perceive you. While we might sound like a bunch who don’t take themselves seriously (and that’s the way we like it!), we take what we do as seriously as if we were looking for eternal youth elixir.

Our questionnaire is not like one of those tests that will tell you what kind of cat you’d be if you were a feline (no judgement if you ever took one of those!). We’ve put years of research into our method, tested over 50 iterations, tripled-checked the results with over 500 private coaching clients, and can proudly say we have one damn accurate profiling tool!




While our questionnaire has only 8 questions, the algorithm that runs in the background is highly sophisticated. With every click you make, over 20 variables shift their location, resulting in over 160 changes within split seconds.




Humans are complicated and intricate creatures with multi-faceted personalities, so it is only right that when we analyze your personality type, we do it from a variety of different angles and perspectives.


The real figure we got as a result after in-house testing on real-life clients was 98%. We thought we’ll be humble and leave room for error, but we’ll let you judge for yourself!



'The report was incredibly insightful!'

It was like someone was reading my mind! That kind of insight into my own personality has given me a new confidence when I’m out on a date. For once, I’m actually enjoying the dating scene! I no longer overthink how I come across because I know what I have to offer.

'You made me so aware of the mistakes I've been making!'

I found it very difficult to make it to a second date with guys and I arrogantly used to think the problem is with them. When the report pointed out a specific trait of my character, I was shocked to realize that this is what was scaring the men away. I’ve now been dating a guy for a month and things are going better than I could have hoped for. Thank you!

'Thanks for releasing me from trying to find the perfect man!'

I’ve been aiming so high that no man could live up to my expectations. You changed my outlook on relationship priorities. My new boyfriend is nothing like the guys I dated before, but somehow managed to tick all the truly important boxes!

'I used to take on any date that came my way!'

I’ve been going on lots of dates but none of them turned into anything serious. When you described my most compatible partners, a bulb went on in my head and I realized I was looking for the wrong man. Two weeks later I met a man who ticked all the boxes you told me about and I’m firmly holding on to this one!

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